Established by veterans of the Polish games development industry in 2011 to fuse an experienced and professional approach to game development with creativity and freedom enabled by operating as an independent studio.

Today CFG is a team of experienced specialists in all walks of gamedev life and talented newcomers full of energy and new, original perspectives. The company has been growing organically since its founding and believes in a sustainable and deliberate expansion.

CreativeForge Games is a development studio creating its own games for PCs and consoles. CFG creates proprietary projects, focusing on one key production at a time.

With previously produced games, the Company used global publishers - partners responsible for the promotion and sale of products. According to the scope of agreements concluded with publishers, they bring expertise in the field of media relations, marketing and sales, as well as their own contacts and agreements with broadly understood business partners.

Until now, over 90% of CFG products were sold on Steam, but the proportion of this sales channel will decrease in the near future, due to the release of Phantom Doctrine also on consoles.

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