I Saw The Night


Strategy / Cold War / Stealth / RPG

FPP single-player adventure game with scarce but surprising and violent shooter scenes. Unsettling and insightful thriller spiked heavily with philosofical but witty rejoinders and wry humor.

Imagine you're looking for a missing girl in a strange and secluded part of the country, but end up kidnapped and robbed of your car and all belongings. Try and face this adversity penniless in an unknown, unwelcoming lawless town. However, this unexpected and brutal stop which results in an extraordinarily violent and casualty ridden climax which at first glance seems like a resolution to the whole case is only but the tip of the iceberg of all the evils yet to come.
A white-knuckled plunge into the 20th-century the landscape of the American psyche and nature, with a gripping storyline, rich and multidimensional characters, witty dialogues, pithy rejoinders, and rare but deeply immersive shoot outs. A deliberate attempt of a cliche as a conduit for conveying incessant and unrelenting homage to the Road Movie and Noir genres. Catch a wicked ride on a perilous quest in the search of a missing juvenile girl.
Face mystery and adversity in a vintage setting of 1991 America, a world replete with personal confrontations and no cell phones. Dare to ask questions and follow leads which will put your life in the ultimate jeopardy.
Experience it all through an intricate and original mind of the main character Jack Wronsky whose comments and narration throughout the game, serve a right portion of insight, drama, and wit that make the story genuine, profound and relatable. Figure and fight your way out of numerous predicaments, exhibit your talents, apply your skills, unveil the unsettling secret penetrating all levels of establishment and society.

Partial controller support

Steam Achievements

Single Player


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