Wasteland Raiders

Q4 2020

Simulation / Strategy / RPG / Tactical

Wasteland Raiders is a strategy game where you play as the leader of a merciless band of post-apocalyptic raiders. Build and manage your organization while pillaging, kidnapping, and battling the so-called "good guys" tasked with stopping your rampage.

Wasteland Raiders is a post-apocalyptic single-player strategy game by the maker of the Age of Gladiators.

The wasteland doesn't need another hero...

Hire, manage, equip level up (and sometimes eat) your raiders.
Extort, attack and pillage greenhouses, rock quarries, and other industries of the wasteland in order to gain the resources required to build up your forces.
Interact with, loot, or capture settlements and industries, spreading your reign of terror - captured settlements will need to be run with an iron-fist in order to ensure they remain under your control.
Combat local mercenaries and regulators sent to stop your rampage.
You are the fearsome commander of the your raiders; the boss. Engage in duels, terrorize both your men and your enemies, and build your physical and mental attributes toward the eventual goal of total domination of the wasteland.
Establish laws for your raiders and new society to follow.
Fight other raider organizations for territorial control.
Kidnap hostages and either execute or ransom them.
A fully dynamic and procedural generated map ensures each game is different.
A running economy that you can disrupt and eventually conquer: the local industries such as farms, rock quarries, garbage scavengers and more supply the settlements with resources, which in turn make them grow and generate finished goods - all for you to either extort or take through force.
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